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[Video]-TRIP TO MOUNTAIN Segment 2 | Lope Vlog with Aayu, Pihu, Bua & Praavi | Patnitop | Aayu also Pihu Dispute

[Video]-TRIP TO MOUNTAIN Segment 2 | Lope Vlog with Aayu, Pihu, Bua & Praavi | Patnitop | Aayu also Pihu Dispute

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Scoot to Mountain Vlog ka allotment 2 hai aur bhi mazedaar!
Isme hai double enjoyable aur double enjoyment!
Kyuki iss vlog mein humne ki hai 5 thrilling activities!
Video end tak dekhna aur aapne kon kon si activities ki hai feedback mein batana!

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  1. Aayu Pihu ne Zorbing kari, longest tunnel aur cable automobile dekhi 🤩🤩Aur bhi actions ki, hope ki aapko video pasand aayega 🤗🤗Please like and portion with your friends 🥰🥰Abet smiling and like you all ❤❤

  2. Papa Ne Jab Se yah outing per nikale Hain vah बार-बार OMG Kyon bol rahe hain oh my god Kyon Nahin bol Sakte ham log Jab Bhi aapko dekhte hain to aapko OMG Kabhi Nahin bolate na O my God bolate Hain Ayush ranjan

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