Home Video -Okay Jutawan – Spinal Faucet (Legit Video)

[Video]-Okay Jutawan – Spinal Faucet (Legit Video)

[Video]-Okay Jutawan – Spinal Faucet (Legit Video)

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“Spinal Faucet” by Okay Jutawan from a upcoming album ‘SAP’, out November 4th on Jagjaguwar.
Circulate/Take: https://okaykaya.jagjag.co/spinal-tapPre-converse ‘SAP’: https://okaykaya.jagjag.co/sap



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Everything became once beneath water
No longer admire ice however stable water
None of these items became once there
But youre had been there also
No longer a kind that youre would become succesful to gallop with a hurry inside
They suppose steam is a worst form of burn
Under your head became once a pillow
also beneath your pillow became once a enamel
also beneath a enamel became once
If I could per chance per chance per chance trade every thing I’d become a leather-based entirely mostly maker

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also while youre
Your brain got rinsed
Cerebrospinal fluids
Took out your trash
inside a appealing
Slam dunk
Clear also smoothing
It’s known as
Your anxious machine
Imagine it as
An interior cushion
Evening time is a pleasant time to let your body invent it’s thing
It’s gonna trim that shit up
It has an opportunity
To made a selection an opportunity on youre
This is what dreamings
Supposed to invent
It has an opportunity
To revive youre
Your held, a hand a
Moist opportunist
When your thoughts
Did no longer thoughts
At leisure at supreme
Feeble also anaemic
It scrubs your insides admire
a within of a vehicle wash
For that reason youre sleep
also own uncommon dreams
What a map to become
Pacified by your possess pus

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Credit score:
Spinal Faucet by Austin Lee also Jutawan Wilkins

Okay Jutawan – Spinal Faucet (Legit Video)
#OkayKaya #SpinalTap #SAP
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