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[Now]-This Morning’s Prime Headlines – August 2 | Morning Recordsdata NOW

[Now]-This Morning’s Prime Headlines – August 2 | Morning Recordsdata NOW

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President Biden announces that al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri was once killed inside a Kabul drone strike, eastern Kentucky braces for added rain after final week’s lethal floods, also voters inside 5 key swing states put together to forged their ballots of their states’ main elections. 

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  1. Al Queda has hundreds of men in a position to be leaders. That vicious killer jogs my reminiscence of any random police officer in america. The police kills more American citizens than Al Queda.

  2. It took the US 21 yrs to toast mammoth Al. I believed Allah disclose to guard him. Oh smartly, Biden true send a message to Allah no longer to debris with white men.

  3. Sight on the republicans they’ve to claim and no we hear that a ways to all but again and all but again (capitists); and in actuality went to Jan sixth and all ho went…lol smartly fair luck. Function it all but again for the reason that justice and the USA democracy republic will see it and you are going to be all terrorists. That wasn't a unruffled notify it used to be an assault. Disgrace on you and God saw you and what you doubtlessly did. In tributation you all see judgement and the final is apparent. Part savor no longer violence. If you happen to don't savor portray ot to to your representative congress ppl. But never assault out nation that all of us work for. This a substantial county where all other folks are created equal! And we stand tough when we work alongside with mutual appreciate and ❤️! I raised my hand up for this substantial nation to heal snd let us work together as one please 🙏

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