Home Video -MTP NOW Aug. 1 — Trump’s Vitality Tested; Tensions Over Taiwan; Kentucky...

[Now]-MTP NOW Aug. 1 — Trump’s Vitality Tested; Tensions Over Taiwan; Kentucky Flooding

[Now]-MTP NOW Aug. 1 — Trump’s Vitality Tested; Tensions Over Taiwan; Kentucky Flooding

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Damaged-down President Donald Trump’s affect will doubtless become tested inside Tuesday’s essential elections. Vaughn Hillyard, Yamiche Alcindor, Shaq Brewster also Dasha Burns memoir. Rick Tyler, Juanita Tolliver also Lisa Desjardins join a Meet a Press NOW roundtable. Nancy Pelosi travels to Asia as China warns against a time out to Taiwan. President Joe Biden tests tremendous for Covid again after taking Paxlovid. Dr. Kavita Patel presents updates on a Monkeypox outbreak. a death toll inside Kentucky’s floods surpasses 30.

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  1. I am no fan of Pelosi but I am pleased she went and despatched a message to the Chinese language – here’s no longer the1930s and you are no longer Japan. We’ll gather a way to strive against for a free Asia.

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