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[Now]-MISTER ED 1961 Cast THEN also NOW 2022 How Each Mister Ed Cast Member Died

[Now]-MISTER ED 1961 Cast THEN also NOW 2022 How Each Mister Ed Cast Member Died

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MISTER ED 1961 Cast THEN also NOW 2022 How Each Mister Ed Cast Member Died

Mister Ed is an American television sitcom produced by Filmways that aired inside syndication from January 5 to July 2, 1961, also then on CBS from October 1, 1961, to February 6, 1966. a direct’s title personality is a talking horse which before a entirety seemed inside brief stories by Walter R. Brooks.

Right this moment, Let’s eye what all of “MISTER ED 1961” stars compare esteem now versus after they were on a direct!

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– MISTER ED 1961 + Predominant Cast:
🔸 Allan Lane as Mister Ed
🔸 Alan Younger as Wilbur Submit
🔸 Connie Hines as Carol Submit
🔸 Mister Ed as Self
🔸 Edna Skinner as Kay Addison
🔸 Larry Keating as Roger Addison
🔸 Leon Ames as Gordon Kirkwood
🔸 Florence MacMichael as Winnie Kirkwood

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